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New Advances in animal Models and preclinical Imaging for translational Research in Cancerology


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du 30 septembre 2015 au 3 octobre 2015 /

he "Tumor targeting & radiotherapies network" of the Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest is glad to announce its ninth international workshop dedicated to young researchers (PhD Students and Post-Docs).

The main objective of this international workshop is to present the more recent contributions in imaging (multimodal and new imaging modalities: Nuclear, Magnetic Resonance, Ultrasound, Optical and Photoacoustic Imaging), and in animal models (conventional, alternative and spontaneous) to improve the clinical transfer in oncology.

Overview lectures will be given by experts in the different scientific fields targeted by the workshop. A number of proffered oral presentations given by young researchers will complete the different scientific sessions. This workshop aims at sharing scientific results and at facilitating exchanges between experienced and young researchers in a fast advancing field. In order to stimulate intense discussions between young and senior scientists, the total attendance is limited to a maximum of 60 persons.

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La Turballe, west of France