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The PRIMES project will enhance the academic training associated to medical physics and life imaging in the PRES’s of Lyon, Grenoble and Clermont-Ferrand. On-line as well as hands-on training and education programs in biomedical image processing and medical physics are planned. New programs for Master and PhD students will include facilities for scientific mobility abroad, PhD students symposia and high-level training sessions such as summer schools, training in radiation physics, in multimodality imaging (MRI, US, XRay, optics) and in simulation techniques that will be issued from the LabEx.

The PRIMES training project will focus on four major objectives:

- Training hub: Development of a training hub offering a set of PRIMES labelled courses taken from the existing Masters’ Program in Medical Physics and Life Imaging. Eventualy, new training opportunities will be created from results and methods developed in the LabEx.

- Continuing education: Development of continuing education for scientific and medical staff (LabEx members or beyond).

- International influence: Integration of educative programs into international collaborations through the organization of seminars and summer schools and fostering of abroad studying for LabEx students and development of International Masters e.g. IMESI at INSA.

- Integration into workplace: Improvement of Masters and PhD students’ integration into the work force, either in academia or industry.

Training leaders

Cédric Ray - IPNL

Emmanuel Perrin - Creatis