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Valorization of research

The research conducted in the various WPs will lead to high-level publications, organization of scientific and lay conferences and patent submissions. Research valorization will be jointly undertaken with LIP (Lyon Ingénierie Projets) and with the Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon, thus expected to increase the competitiveness of PRIMES’ industrial partners.

We will closely work with these two entities on our strategy for valorization through the following missions:
  • Raising awareness of technology transfer among researchers with special focus on partnership with SME
  • Identifying innovations originating from laboratories
  • Mapping know-how and technology offers (among those involved in the project)
  • Setting up integrated diagnosis in order to identify the best way to ensure the transfer of technology (research contract, license on patent or know-how, start-up creation)
  • Providing Intellectual Property expertise to support setting up and projects research contracts
  • Supporting proofs of concept and prototyping, reinforcing intellectual properties rights and realizing market analysis
  • Negotiating technology transfer agreement;
  • Developing interactions with others actors in the field of innovation, working on the territory.

Valorization leaders