Publié le 16 janvier 2018 | Mis à jour le 24 janvier 2020

Jean-Luc LEY 2012-2015 - PhD director: Denis Dauvergne, co-director: Nicolas Freud


Title: Mise en oeuvre d’un démonstrateur de caméra Compton pour l’imagerie en médecine nucléaire et pour le contrôle en temps réel de l’hadronthérapie à l’aide des rayonnements gamma prompts

Hadrontherapy is one of the modalities available for treating cancer. Compared to conventional radiotherapy, this allows to spare the healthy tissue located adjacent downstream and upstream of the
tumor. One of this modality’s quality assurance challenges is to control the positioning of the dose deposited by ions in the patient. One possibility to perform this control is to detect the prompt gammas emitted during nuclear reactions induced along the ion path in the patient. A TOF Compton camera prototype is being developed under a regional collaboration and was the main focus of my thesis, and particularly the following points : i) studying, throughout Monte Carlo simulations, the operation of the prototype in construction, particularly with respect to the expected counting rates on the different types of accelerators in hadrontherapy ii) conducting simulation studies on the use of this camera in clinical imaging, iii) characterizing the silicon detectors (scatterer) iv) confronting Geant4 simulations on the camera’s response with measurements on the beam with the help of a demonstrator.
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    Jean-Luc LEY