Nov - Cellular effects of high and low LET ionising radiation – Introduction to radiation biology

Du 8 novembre 2021 au 19 novembre 2021

Stockholm University

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with techniques of studying genotoxic effects of ionising radiation which are of relevance for RadoNorm and the broad field of radiation research. The target group are students and young researchers with various backgrounds who want to get a basic introduction to biological effects of radiation. The course will contain both lectures and practical laboratory work. The lectures will focus on various aspects of biological effects of low and high LET ionising radiation as well as on techniques to detect them using cytogenetics and immunogenetics. The practical part will focus on teaching laboratory techniques used to study genotoxic radiation effects on cells: 1) harvesting cells and analysing chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei by the Giemsa method; 2) in situhybridization with whole chromosome probes and analysis of translocations; 3) gamma H2AX focus assay; 4) basics of high and low LET radiation detection and dosimetry.

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