PhD proposal High Resolution Tomographic Diffractive Microscopy: Instrumentation and Image processing

Date limite de réponse : 4 novembre 2018
Missions :
Development of the technique, in the framework of the proposed PhD, will concern two domains:
1) instrumental developments: speed of acquisition shall be improved, and new imaging modalities are to be implemented: polarized acquisitions for birefringence measurements, multi-spectral TDM imaging, functionalized tomographic imaging by temporal heterodyning, to detect motions within the sample (such a flowing blood cells for example) etc…
2) image processing: the reconstruction methods we use up-to-now are based on the very fast first Born approximation [9]. They however present limitations. The PhD student will therefore also develop advanced image reconstruction techniques, in order to further improve the resolution (by linear and non-linear deconvolution of the images), or simplify/accelerate acquisitions, by sparse acquisitions combined to elaborate image reconstructions.

Compétences requises :

competences in optics and/or image processing and/or computer sciences are necessary