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QP2R 2013

Edition 2013 - Salle des associations, Château Sans Soucis, Mairie du 3ème

Only few people do not know someone with cancer around them, a real upheaval for those who face it.
Whether fundamental, applied or clinical, the societal impact of cancer research is of paramount importance thanks to the provision of more and more early diagnostic techniques, thanks to the development of innovative therapies and the improvement of the care and quality of life of patients and their loved ones.
It is therefore important to talk to each other, to learn from each other, to dare to ask questions that torment, to reassure oneself, to exchange, to feel surrounded and understood.
These are the stakes of this meeting between patients and researchers, an initiative of the Maison du P.A.R.I. and laboratories of excellence DEVweCAN and PRIMES

Program (the presentations are in french only)

Animation of the day: Anne CHEVREL, journalist, Rennes
Welcome - Monsieur le Maire du 3ème arrondissement de Lyon
Introduction - Guy LEGAL, CISS Rhône-Alpes

Session - Organization of Oncology Research
Fondamental research
Stéphane ANSIEAU, Chercheur, Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon
Decision path for obtaining funds and use of donations in laboratories
Julien MARIE, Chercheur, Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon
From research to patient
David MELODELIMA, Chercheur, Laboratoire LabTAU, INSERM, Lyon

Session - Innovative medical practices
Researchers fight against cancer. Place of physics and computing sciences
David SARRUT, Chercheur, CREATIS, Centre Léon Bérard
Innovatives radiotherapies
Michaël BEUVE, Chercheur, IPNL, Lyon

Session - Users – How to improve mutual knowledge and dialogue between researchers and patients?

Closing - Guy LEGAL, CISS Rhône-Alpes
Networking coktail, exposition "When it's pink", drawings and photos from artistes Amandine and Aline