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Master scholarship program

Research Master Internship 6 months

International Master fellowship call for the 2022-2023 academic year - criteria and procedure
Applicant must be currently studying out of France and not be a french citizen. Selection criteria will take into account the academic excellence of the candidate. English skills required.

Fellowship of around 1000€/month (regular internship gratification of around 600€/month + housing allowance of 400€/month)
Contribution to the travel costs to France (maximum 1000 euros)
Contribution to the internship environment (conférences, experiments, etc - maximum 1000 euro)

The application is done by the host laboratory. To check internship availability amongst the LabEx PRIMES teams, please click here
The pre-selected candidate must send a CV, a transcript of the current and previous years as well as a recommendation letter. These documents must be sent to the LabEx by the host laboratory for December 1st 2021.

Training & Research Master Internship 12 months

Labex PRIMES Master scholarship 12 months : sept. 2023-aug. 2024

The PRIMES LabEx sets up an attractive program in training by and for research for high-level international students in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

12 master's courses are affiliated with this program, the 6-month master's internship will be done in one of the program's partner research teams.

The 12 master's courses affiliated with the program are:

UdL (Lyon University)

- Master of research Medical Imaging, Signal and System, Master MISS (Imaging)  - web site
- Master Mechanics, Biomechanics course (Biomechanical modeling) –Web site
- Physics Master
  • SUBA Courses (Nuclear Physics) - web site
  • PHYSMAN Courses (Radioprotection) - Web site

- Computer science Master :

- Master OIVM (Saint-Etienne):

  • AIMA course (Image and vision) - Web site
  • COSI Erasmus course (imaging and color)- Web site

UGA (Grenoble University)

- Master Health Engineering & Physics, PMR course (Medical Physics)- Web site
- Master Health Engineering, MITI course (Imaging) - web site

UCA (Clermont-Ferrand University)

- Master Image processing, TECHMED course (imaging) - Web site
- Master Physics, PTR-IPM course (Medical Physics) - Web site

Research teams affiliated with the program:

- All the research teams of the PRIMES LabEx - click here

Agenda for application

- March 26 st 2023 – deadline to apply.

Application to a specific master of the program (prior admission of the candidate to this master under cover that the candidate obtains the scholarship).

- Between March 27 and April 7 2023 – Selection of candidate eligible for an audition by the LabEx steering committee.

- April 11 2023 –Labex PRIMES steering committee: Selection of the laureate

Presentation by each pre-selected candidates (5 min presentation by visiocall + 5 min questions). The steering committee will rank successful candidates (two ordered lists: one main and one complementary)

How to apply :

You must send the following documents to the person in charge of the master you are interested in, mentioning ‘application to the LabEx PRIMES Master scholarship program’

- CV
- Motivations letter (including professionals objectives)
- Academic results (ranking …)
- Two letters of recommendation from people being in a position of supervision of the candidate (person in charge of academic courses, internship supervisor …).
- English level justification (certification, English school path …)

Selection criteria :

- Academic excellence
- Professional project toward research career
- Priority will be given to people studying abroad at the time of application
- Labex PRIMES is an equal opportunity environment

Remarks :

- Grant cannot be combined with other grants (Eiffel, Erasmus +, AUF, etc.)
- Candidate must be of foreign nationality; No French binational.
- No requirement for fluency in French if English is fluent.
- The scholarship ends if the internship does not take place in one of the LabEx PRIMES research teams affiliated to the program.

Grant amount:

Fellowship of € 800 / month for 12 months including housing allowances of € 200 / month.

+ up to € 1000: contribution to the cost of a return trip between the country of origin and the place of the master's degree

+ up to € 500 contribution to the costs of labs visits (across Auvergne Rhone Alpes region) during autumn semester

+ € 1000 contribution to the internship environment (conference, handling fees, etc.)