Publié le 3 décembre 2020 | Mis à jour le 20 juillet 2022

Cyril MALINET 2020-2023 - Évaluation de la microstructure tissulaire par spectroscopie ultrasonore et diffusion optique pour la caractérisation du cancer

équipe CREATIS-ULTIM, CREATIS-MAGICS PhD Director: Hervé Liebgott, co-director: Pauline Muleki Seya et Bruno Montcel

Currently, histo-cytopathology is the gold-standard technique for cancer diagnostics. However, it entails an invasive, expensive and time-consuming examination. This thesis aims to develop an non-invasive and non-ionising technique to determine the histological subtype and the grade of malignant tissues. The working principle is based on the assessment of the significant microstructure differences between cancerous and healthy tissues using a bimodal approach.

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    Cyril MALINET