Publié le 5 mars 2018 | Mis à jour le 10 février 2020

Denis BUJOREANU 2015-2018 - PhD director: Hervé Liebgott, co-directors: Denis Friboulet and Barbara Nicolas

équipes CREATIS-2, CREATIS-3

Title:Echographie compressée : une nouvelle stratégie d'acquisition et de formation pour une imagerie ultra-rapide

Ultrasound imaging has become one of the major diagnostic tools in the medical world. This trend is
mainly due to its low cost and real-time imaging capability. Numerous researches have been conducted to increase the data acquisition rate in medical ultrasound imaging. An important milestone in this field was the introduction of the plane wave insonification that led to high frame rate ultrasound imaging [2]. My PhD project aims to develop this concept further, and our goal is to establish a new method for even faster ultrasound imaging.
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