Nov - Soutenance de thèse: Compressed echography: a novel strategy for image acquisition and reconstruction

Le 26 novembre 2018

Salle René Char - Campus de la Doua
It is beyond doubt that the relative low cost of ultrasound scanners, the quick procedure and the ability to image soft biological tissues helped ultrasound imaging to become one of the most common medical diagnostic tools. Unfortunately, ultrasound still has some drawbacks when compared to other medical imaging techniques mainly in terms of the provided image quality and details. In the quest for an improved image quality, usually, the price to pay is the drop in the frame acquisition rate. This deep rooted trade-off between the provided image quality and the acquisition time is perhaps one of the most challenging in today’s ultrasound research and its overcoming could lead to diagnostic improvements in the already existing ultrasound applications and even pave the way towards novel uses of echography.
This study addresses the previously stated trade-off. Through a mix of such concepts as plane wave imaging, multiple-input /multiple-output systems and inverse problems, this work aims at acquiring ultrasound