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Time-resolved multispectral imaging based on an adaptive single-pixel camera

Time-resolved multispectral imaging has many applications in different fields, which range from characterization of biological tissues to environmental monitoring. In particular, optical techniques, such as lidar and fluorescence lifetime imaging, require imaging at the subnanosecond scales over an extended area. In this paper, we demonstrate experimentally a time-resolved multispectral acquisition scheme based on single-pixel imaging. Single-pixel imaging is an emerging paradigm that provides low-cost high-quality images. Here, we use an adaptive strategy that allows acquisition and image reconstruction times to be reduced drastically with respect to conventional single-pixel approaches that are based on compressed sensing or full basis scans. Adaptive time-resolved multispectral imaging scheme can have significant applications in biological imaging, at scales from macroscopic to microscopic. Near video-rate linear stokes imaging with single-pixel detectors