Dec - Soutenance de thèse: Tests and characterization of gamma cameras for medical applications

Le 14 décembre 2018

BU de l'UCBL, campus de la Doua
This thesis work has been carried out within the CLaRyS French collaboration, which is involved in the development of a multi-collimated gamma camera and a Compton camera for the application in ion beam therapy monitoring through prompt-gamma detection and in nuclear medicine examinations.

The main goal of the thesis was the complete characterization of the camera detector components, and the test of the whole systems on clinical ion beams.

In parallel, simulation works have been performed to assess the performance of the Compton camera for the measurement of ion range during proton and carbon therapy, and for single photon emission computed tomography application in the nuclear medicine field.
KEYWORDS : Hadrontherapy, nuclear medicine, prompt gamma, gamma camera