May - Séminaire de Pawel Moskal - Positronium imaging with the multi-photon J-PET tomograph

Le 25 mai 2022

Amphi Ouest

Prof. Pawel Moskal is an inventor of positron emission tomography based on plastic scintillators and a method of in-vivo pathology based on positronium imaging. He is a Professor of physics and the head of the Cluster of Nuclear Physics Departments and the head of the Department of Particle Physics and Applications at the Jagiellonian University. He won the Prime Minister’s award for his doctoral dissertation in 1999 and a Gold Medal for the invention of the matrix device for Positron Emission Tomography at The World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies at Brussels Innova 2009. Prof. Moskal has co-authored 42 patents in Europe, the USA, and Japan, and more than 380 scientific articles in the field of nuclear and particle physics and positron emission tomography. He supervised 25 successfully completed Ph.D. theses. In the years 2015-2017, he was a member of the SPSC Scientific Committee at CERN, and since 2020 he is a Member of the Committee on Medical Physics, Radiobiology, and X-Ray Ima